Monday, August 23, 2010


I know, I know. I am the worst at making decisions and sticking to them. Tyler is really helping me to be more consistent and it is a change I am excited about. However, this last decision was one that we made together, and I don't think it is too surprising, but....we are back in Salt Lake. YIPEE!! I love having Harmon's back, my family and just LIFE. Now, don't get me wrong, Vernal was a fun experience and I met A LOT of great people, but our opportunities here just seem better for now, we are again. My one complaint, I hate moving. I am so over it. I think I have averaged moving 2 times a year ever since I graduated. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! but I think it will still be a bit before that comes to an end (let me and Tyler graduate before we really get settled). This last move was the absolute worse and has pretty much done me in. I have a brand new bed set and moved the beautiful thing in the middle of a rainstorm (yep, it wasn't covered). I would have like to pay it off BEFORE my mattress was soaked and my bed set warped **tears**.
With all the changes (again) I am back at school at SLCC and the bank was wonderful enough to like me enough and give me a job back in Salt Lake while we get on our feet again. I will end up back in a hospital eventually though, but for now, I enjoy my Sundays, my nights and my holidays (banker's hours rock!!).
Tyler is still working with Halliburton and I miss him like CRAZY!! Who knew two weeks could be so long. What makes it even worse is we get to talk maybe 30 minutes a day (I live for those calls). Things are great with the two of us though. He is the most AMAZING man in the world and his weeks off are cherished by me.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

St. George and Zion's

This last week Tyler FINALLY got a week off. He completed his orientation (good job babe) and it was time to get him away from Vernal. We decided to take a trip to St. George and celebrate his Birthday while we were there since he would be back to work for it. Although nothing went as planned we had a blast. We were originally going to go to Vegas to ride the New York New York roller coaster and play the quarterback challenge at ESPN Zone. Lucky for us (not really) they were both closed. It was too windy to run the roller coaster and who knows about ESPN Zone, but Tyler got lucky there cause I usually kick his butt in the quarter back challenge (ok...maybe not). The trip down was a great one. We can make any situation fun, that's part of the reason I love being with my sweetheart so much.
We spent quite a bit of time at the pool which is something I feel you cannot do too much. Saturday morning when we went to go lay out though, there were a ton of kids there and we didn't really want all the commotion around, so we decided to go for a hike. Zion's of course is the best option around when you are in St. George and I couldn't wait to go. I grew up going to Zion's frequently, but haven't been in at least 10 years. We decided to do the Angel's Landing hike which was beautiful. I have to admit, it was a little challenging for me, I hate heights and was quite timid once we reached the section with the chain, but I am grateful it was there. Once we got to the top though, the whole thing is worth it. It is an absolutely phenomenal view. What a reward!

The hike only took us 2 hours which surprised me since the brochure says the average time is 4 hours, so we had plenty of time to go back to the condo and relax and grab a delicious dinner from Texas Roadhouse. That restaurant never lets me down.
All in all, it was a great trip. I hope my sweetheart enjoyed his "not official Birthday, Birthday celebration."
When we got back I had a day off in between work and coming back out to Vernal, so Tyler decided we should go Mountain Biking. I don't know if it should be called Mountain Biking, or hiking with bikes. It was quite the adventure. I road bike and it is such a different feeling from what I am used to. To me the shox make it feel like the tires are flat. I did a really good job at scaring Tyler by letting out a random scream when he couldn't see me. We went on some old trails as well that haven't been ridden in a long, long time so we had a couple of fences to jump and a lot of walking the bikes, but honestly, I can't wait to go again.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Big News

After all the miracles, heartache, developed friendships and lessons learned, and I am quitting my job with Intermountain Healthcare. I have been with the company for almost six years and this September will be five years that I have been in the same department. The feeling is so bittersweet. I am excited for the new journey I am about to embark on, but going to miss the place that I have grown so much.
I don't know if there will ever be a job that compares to the one I have had. I watch miracles occur, hearts break and relationships form. I have had the most rewarding job anyone can ever ask for, but also one of the most stressful. I have loved every smile I have seen, every hug I have been given and every thank you I have received from a child that I just made cry.
Now, it's onto something completely new. I am moving onto a field I have never worked and am very excited to learn about. Tyler got a job in Vernal a few months ago and I have decided to find a job out there and attend school. I will be working at a credit union and going to school at Utah State. While I still plan to go to nursing school, I am excited to see a totally different field and possibly end up in a totally new direction in my education. I have been so impressed the school already and am excited to have a job with normal hours, that I don't have to work holidays, weekends (one Saturday a month) and long exhausting nights. I don't know if the trade off will be worth the rewards I currently get, but you never grow if you don't jump in and take a big risk.'s to new experiences. Let's hope it's a good one.

My Amazing Man

I have the most amazing man in the world. I am treated like a princess constantly and shown love unconditionally. This last May was 1 year since I met my sweetheart and I love all the experiences that we have had together...the good and bad. May was also a big month for Tyler. He graduated from Dixie State and I was so proud to watch him walk and to see all that he has accomplished. No, it's probably not the end of the education he will receive, but I am so proud of what he has accomplished at this point.
Our outing to get to the graduation was not easy, but it was so fun. Tyler had been working in Vernal for a couple weeks when the weekend of his graduation arrived. I drove out to Vernal so that we could drive to St. George together. We planned to live Thursday evening when Tyler got out of work so we would have time to hang out and relax before his graduation Friday night. Well, as we all know plans never go as expected. I picked Tyler up from work with the car loaded, tank full of gas and snacks prepared. We weren't even five miles out of Vernal when my car started to make a very nice thudding sound underneath. We pulled over to see if I was dragging something (my car is very low). There was nothing to be found, other than the tread that had come off my tire completely. So, we decided to head back into Vernal to get a new tire, only to find that my tire is a very uncommon size and no one in Vernal had it in stock (thank you to the wonderful Wal*Mart lady who called every tire shop). Well, we decided to make do and head out anyways. We would change our plans and drive slowly and carefully into Orem and get a new tire in the morning. So much for making another plan....the next attempt out of Vernal we made about ten miles out only for my passenger tire to blow out completely. Good times! Thank goodness for roadside assistance. After about an hour of waiting and lots of phone calls made telling family members we may not make it down the tow truck finally showed up.
After the short adventured that had already occurred, we found out that not only did Vernal not have my tire size, but the don't have a car rental place either (if anyone wants to open one up out there, I bet they would do well). I have to admit, I was bummed. I was excited for a weekend away with my sweetheart as well as the chance to watch him graduate. Well, turns out there's a good thing for acquaintances. Tyler's Grandpa had a friend that happened to live in the next town over that was willing to let us take his extra truck to St. George for the weekend. This is when the real adventure begins. This was no ordinary truck. This thing was a monster. It was a 2003 Dodge Ram (dually...six wheels, and six speed manual) with over 550,00 miles on it. I wasn't worried about the tires blowing this time, I was worried about the engine crashing. Turns out, I loved the truck. I couldn't wait to get into the drivers seat and test it out. Even with all the stress that my car caused, it was the best road trip I have ever had. What it comes down to is Tyler is just a fun guy to always be around.
We finally got to St. George about 4:00 a.m. Friday morning, which exhausted us for the whole weekend. The graduation was great though, and I am so grateful for everyone that came to support him. He is worth the celebration. The rest of the weekend we just relaxed and hung out at the pool and hunted down tires of the size I needed. We ended up having to go up a size if we wanted tires at all.
All in all, it was a great weekend. I couldn't have asked for a better time.

Thanks Kelsey for the pictures

My Ever Growing Family

For Easter we finally got together as our one big happy family (minus Brant not being there). There is no sarcasm in that either. I have the most amazing family in the world and love it when we have the chance to all get together. It is so rare, but the memories are always great. The Easter Bunny was kind enough to work Grandma's house into his schedule a day early so all the kids could celebrate Easter together. It was so much fun to watch the excitement and the interaction all the kids have with each other. I now have 6 nieces, nephews and one more of each on the way. I have loved watching my family grow...and it doesn't seem like the growing will stop anytime soon.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Merry Christmas...

I hope you all had yourself a wonderful Christmas with your families. Tyler and I had a great holiday. On Christmas Eve, we went to Tyler's friends house and played Mexican Train (yes I won). We stayed at Tyler's parents that night, and when we got back from playing games, we decided that we would open presents then, rather than waiting until morning.

The following morning we waited for all of Tyler's family to come over and we cooked breakfast together. It was fun, but I never realized how big my family is until I started doing stuff with others' families more often. Both families are still great though. After breakfast we opened presents with everyone and the family got a Wii, which was a blast. Mariokart is the best (yes, I won that one too).

Oh, I forgot to tell you what I go for Christmas. Nope, no ring like everyone keeps asking, but I did get an awesome pair of rollerblades, some really cute clothes, and some snow pants. Tyler did a great job.

As for real life, things are good. I am working lots and Tyler has been doing the same while we are both out of school. Next semester Tyler will graduate with his associates in science (I am so proud of him) and I am changing my degree track. I have been accepted into dietetics school start January 2011. Crazy, but exciting and I cannot wait. Next semester I just have to take a few business classes and then I am done until the program starts in 2011. Exciting!! I will be graduating in spring of 2012...finally.

That's about it for now. I hope you all have a wonderful New Year.

Friday, December 11, 2009

A Whole Lot of Not Much

You would think with how busy I am, I would have so much to blog about, but that is not so. Fall semester ends on Monday...Thankfully. I don't know what the plan is for next semester, but I now I am going to school. My new position (Iguess that's what I call it) at work is going great. It is slow, but ideas are coming and things are turning out great.
Some things we have done lately....
Tyler and I went to the BYU/Utah game. I have to say, it was a sad game, but the worst part, is the bet that I lost. Tyler is a die hard BYU fan, and for some reason, I am not quite sure of, I have always gone for the U. Well, being the cute couple we are, we can't have a rivalry between us, so I bet whoever won the game, we would have to convert to being a fan of that team...FOREVER. As most of you know, I lost the bet. It is a sad thing, but a bet is a bet...and I don't want Tyler to lose a bet one day and me not win because I didn't live up to my word. Overall, the game was fun, and we looked adorable!

We got a Christmas tree. It was very dull and boring, but thanks to Costco and their amazing ornaments, it turned out great. Probably closest to the best Christmas tree ever.

Well, I don't have much else to talk about, I am sure the holidays will bring some stories.